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Pune Car Accident Case: Bombay High Court Grants Bail to Juvenile

On June 25, the Bombay High Court granted bail to the juvenile involved in the Pune car accident case that resulted in the deaths of two software professionals last month.

The juvenile, who had been held in an observation home following public outrage over his initial bail, will now be released into the care of his paternal aunt. His parents and grandfather have also been arrested for attempting to cover up the incident.

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The court specified that the Child in Conflict with Law (CCL) would be placed in the custody of the petitioner (the paternal aunt), noting that the juvenile was traumatized by the events.

The incident occurred on May 19 in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar, where two IT professionals were killed when their motorcycle was struck by a speeding Porsche allegedly driven by the juvenile, who was reportedly intoxicated.

The case drew widespread national attention after Juvenile Justice Board member L N Danwade initially granted bail to the accused under lenient conditions, including writing a 300-word essay on road safety.

Following the backlash, police sought a review of the decision from the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB). The JJB then revised its order and placed the juvenile in an observation home.

The court noted that the juvenile’s age, being under 18, needed to be taken into account, emphasizing that the immediate public reaction and outcry had overshadowed this consideration.

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