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Surat Court Enforces Strict Ban on Mobile Phone Use by Staff During Work Hours

The District and Sessions Judge of the Surat Court has recently enforced a stringent ban on the use of mobile phone by court staff during working hours. This decision by Surat Court follows a previous warning, which some employees failed to heed, prompting the issuance of a stricter circular.

New Directive Issued

On May 15, the  Surat Court issued a circular mandating that all court employees, including those in other branches of the court building, must surrender their mobile phones to the court registrar or their department heads during office hours. This directive aims to eliminate distractions and ensure that court proceedings are not interrupted by personal phone use.

Reference to the High Court’s Letter

The circular referenced an earlier communication from the High Court, which had issued a warning against the use of mobile phones by staff during working hours in the Surat District Court and its subordinate courts. Despite this warning, some employees continued to use their phones, disrupting the flow of court activities and affecting the quality of work.

Exemptions and Responsibilities

While the ban is comprehensive, there are exemptions for the use of phones for official purposes and under special circumstances. However, the circular stressed that any unauthorized phone use would no longer be tolerated. The responsibility for enforcing this ban lies with the court registrars and branch heads, who are tasked with ensuring that all staff comply with the directive.

Ensuring Compliance

Presiding officers of the courts have also been instructed to communicate these new rules to their staff, emphasizing the importance of strict adherence to the circular. This measure aims to maintain the efficiency and integrity of court operations by minimizing unnecessary interruptions caused by mobile phones.

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