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Emmanuel Macron Calls Snap Elections Following Far-Right Surge in EU Polls, Sets June 30 Election Date

President Emmanuel Macron Dissolves Parliament, Sets June 30 Election Date

In a response to the outcome of the EU elections, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of parliament and called for snap elections.

The decision comes after a strong performance by far-right parties, which posed a challenge to Macron’s centrist alliance. The first round of elections for the lower house National Assembly is scheduled for June 30, with the second round following on July 7, Emmanuel Macron revealed in an address to the nation.

Emmanuel Macron candidly acknowledged the electoral setback, recognizing that the outcome of the EU elections was not favorable for pro-European parties. He pointed out that far-right parties, including the National Rally (RN), garnered nearly 40 percent of the vote in France, indicating a significant shift in political landscape.

Expressing faith in the French people’s ability to choose their representatives, Macron emphasized that the decision to dissolve the National Assembly was both serious and necessary. He portrayed it as an act of confidence in the electorate’s judgment and the nation’s capacity to chart its course effectively.

Concerns over the far-right’s ascent in both national and European politics prompted Macron’s decisive action. He warned of the potential for the EU to face gridlock with a significant far-right presence in the European Parliament, underscoring the urgency of addressing the issue.

The upcoming elections carry significant implications, not only for France’s legislative landscape but also for its political future. As attention shifts towards the 2027 presidential vote, where Macron is ineligible to run again, the stage is set for a critical juncture in French politics, with both Macron’s alliance and the far-right RN vying for dominance.

Emmanuel Macron’s move to dissolve parliament reflects a determination to confront the challenges posed by the far-right surge, signaling a pivotal moment in French politics as the nation braces for a consequential electoral battle.

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