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Darshan and Three Others Accused in Renukaswamy Murder Case Sent to Judicial Custody Till July 4

A trial court in Karnataka has ordered Kannada actor Darshan Thogudeepa and three others accused in the Renukaswamy murder case to remain in judicial custody until July 4.

The case involves the alleged Renukaswamy murder, whose body was found on June 9.

Legal Proceedings and Safety Concerns
Darshan, initially arrested on June 11, had been in police custody until June 20, when the court extended his detention for two days. Today, after the expiration of this extended custody, the trial court moved Darshan and his co-accused—Vinay, Pradush, and Dhanaraj—to judicial custody. There is ongoing debate over whether to relocate them to Tumakur District Jail due to concerns that Darshan’s fans among the inmates might pose a threat to his co-accused. The court will revisit this issue on June 24.

Background to Renukaswamy Murder
It is alleged that Renukaswamy was fatally injured in an attack orchestrated by Darshan, reportedly in retaliation for derogatory comments made on social media about Darshan’s girlfriend, Pavithra Gowda, who is also among the accused. Seventeen individuals, including Darshan and Pavithra Gowda, are implicated in the case.

  • Renukaswamy, a resident of Chitradurga, allegedly sent lewd messages to Darshan’s girlfriend, Pavithra Gowda.
  • The incident sparked a violent retaliation resulting in Renukaswamy’s abduction and murder.


  • Renukaswamy, sole breadwinner of his family, was married and expecting his first child at the time of his murder.
  • Allegedly sent obscene messages and images to Pavithra Gowda on social media.


  • Darshan Thogudeepa
  • Pavithra Gowda
  • Anukumar
  • Jagadish
  • Nagaraju R
  • Vinay
  • Laxman M
  • Pawan K
  • Deepak Kumar M
  • Nandish
  • Nikhil Nayak
  • Raghavendra
  • Karthik
  • Keshava Murthy
  • Ravi


  • Renukaswamy abducted on June 7, 2024, allegedly by Darshan’s associate.
  • Killed in a shed where he was subjected to severe beatings and electric shocks.
  • Autopsy report cited shock hemorrhage from blunt injuries as cause of death.


  • Body found on June 8, 2024, triggering a police investigation.
  • Allegations of hacking or manipulation of social media messages explored by cyber cell.

Legal Proceedings

  • Darshan and others arrested and placed in police custody.
  • Moved to judicial custody till July 4, 2024, following court proceedings.


  • Outcry from public and film industry regarding the incident’s implications for social media behavior and celebrity culture.
  • Calls for justice, protests in Chitradurga demanding strict punishment and a CBI inquiry.
  • Mixed reactions from film fraternity; some supporting Darshan, others demanding accountability.

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