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WhatsApp Updates for Advocates: Chief Justice DY Chandrachud Announces Digital Integration to Enhance Access to Justice

Supreme Court Introduces WhatsApp Updates for Advocates

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud declared on Thursday that the Supreme Court would adopt a new approach to disseminating information to advocates, utilizing WhatsApp messages for cause lists, case filings, and listings.

This announcement came during a session before a nine-judge bench convened to address a complex legal query arising from petitions concerning whether private properties could be categorized as community resources under Article 39(b) of the Constitution, a component of the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP).

Explaining the initiative, Chief Justice Chandrachud emphasized the Supreme Court’s commitment to enhancing access to justice in its 75th year by integrating WhatsApp messaging with its IT services. He noted that advocates would now receive automated updates regarding case filings and timely cause lists directly on their mobile devices. Cause lists outline the cases scheduled for hearing on a given day.

In response to the announcement, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta hailed the move as revolutionary. Chief Justice Chandrachud also provided the Supreme Court’s official WhatsApp number, clarifying that it would not entertain messages or calls.

Highlighting the environmental impact, Chief Justice Chandrachud expressed optimism that this initiative would significantly alter working practices and contribute to paper conservation. Under his stewardship, the apex court has been actively digitizing judicial operations.

Additionally, Chief Justice Chandrachud revealed that the Central Government had allocated Rs 7,000 crore for the e-court project. Solicitor General Mehta echoed the government’s commitment to digitizing the judiciary, aiming to improve access for litigants and lawyers alike.

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