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What is ‘All Eyes on Rafah’? Outrage Erupts After 45 Civilians Killed in Israeli Strike

What is ‘All Eyes on Rafah’? Global Outcry as Israeli Strike Kills 45 Civilians

At least 45 people, including children, lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike on a refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza. This tragedy has sparked global outrage, further isolating Israel on the international stage amidst the ongoing Gaza conflict. The strike occurred just days after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) demanded Israel cease its operations in Rafah.

The attack was launched late Sunday, following a series of rockets fired by Hamas at Tel Aviv, most of which were intercepted. Despite the ICJ’s directive, Israeli forces continued their assault on Rafah, a town seen as a last refuge within the territory.

‘All Eyes on Rafah’

The phrase “All Eyes on Rafah” has become a rallying cry on social media, highlighting the severe impact of the ongoing violence in Gaza. Many celebrities have shown support for the Palestinians with the hashtag #AllEyesOnRafah, raising awareness of the humanitarian crisis.

Rafah, once a major entry point for humanitarian aid, has seen increased military activity since Israel intensified its offensive earlier this month. This escalation has forced over a million Palestinians to flee, many of whom were already displaced by the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Displacement and Crisis

Palestinians are experiencing heightened vulnerability, moving throughout the Gaza Strip in search of safety. Israeli forces instructed northern residents to evacuate before targeting central Gaza and the southern city of Khan Yunis, causing a mass exodus to Rafah.

The health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza reported that Israeli shelling has rendered nearly all health facilities in Rafah inoperable, save for one. Humanitarian organizations warn of a worsening crisis as the conflict disrupts critical aid routes.

International Response and Continued Offensive

The offensive in Rafah has drawn condemnation from global leaders, yet Israel remains steadfast in its military actions despite international backlash and warnings from the United States. The United Nations has highlighted the severe risk of famine, particularly in northern Gaza, and expressed concern over increasing malnutrition in the south since the Rafah incursion.

The Israeli military reported targeting a Hamas compound in Rafah, killing senior Hamas operatives Yassin Rabia and Khaled Nagar. While acknowledging civilian casualties, they stated the incident is under investigation.

US and Global Pressure

The US faces mounting pressure to adopt a firmer stance following the deadly strike in Rafah. There are growing questions about President Joe Biden’s tolerance for the Israeli assault, especially after the ICJ’s order to halt operations.

Gaza security officials reported Israeli tanks advancing into central and southwest Rafah. The Gaza conflict erupted after Hamas’s October 7 attack on southern Israel, killing over 1,170 people, mostly civilians. Israel’s subsequent retaliatory actions have resulted in at least 36,096 deaths in Gaza.

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