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UN General Assembly: India Supports Palestine’s Membership Bid

UN General Assembly Passes Resolution Backed by India, Supports Palestine’s Bid for Full UN Membership

India supported a United Nations General Assembly resolution on May 10, advocating for Palestine’s full membership in the UN and urging the Security Council to reconsider the matter favorably. The emergency special session, chaired by the UAE as the head of the Arab Group, saw the resolution titled ‘Admission of new Members to the United Nations’ being presented. The resolution, backed by 143 votes in favor, including India’s, with nine against and 25 abstentions, garnered applause upon its passage.

Stating that Palestine meets the qualifications for UN membership as per Article 4 of the UN Charter, the resolution recommended the Security Council to review the matter positively. India’s historical support for Palestine was underscored, being the first non-Arab nation to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1974 and extending recognition to the State of Palestine in 1988. Additionally, India established its Representative Office to the Palestine Authority in Gaza in 1996, later relocating it to Ramallah in 2003.

The resolution’s annex outlined the additional rights and privileges that Palestine would enjoy upon membership, effective from the 79th session of the General Assembly in September 2024. These rights include seating among member states alphabetically, making statements on behalf of a group, eligibility for election as officers in plenary and Main Committees, and full participation in UN and international conferences convened under the General Assembly’s auspices.

Currently designated as an observer state, Palestine lacks voting rights in the General Assembly or the ability to nominate candidates to UN organs.

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