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Partner not responsible for abetment of suicide due to love failure: Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court recently ruled that a partner cannot be held liable for abetting suicide in cases of love failure, echoing similar sentiments regarding other circumstances such as academic failure or legal setbacks.

Justice Amit Mahajan emphasized that individuals cannot be blamed for the decisions made by those with fragile mental states.

The court’s observations came while granting anticipatory bail to a man and a woman accused of abetting suicide after a young man took his own life. The deceased, allegedly in a relationship with the woman, ended his life upon seeing her with the accused man.

The accused were alleged to have provoked the deceased by suggesting they were involved romantically and would marry soon. They purportedly disparaged his manhood and threatened to publicize derogatory content about him unless he committed suicide.

Justice Mahajan, after reviewing WhatsApp conversations, noted the deceased’s sensitive nature, evident in his recurrent threats of suicide whenever the woman declined to engage with him.

While the deceased mentioned the accused in his suicide note, the court found no indication of threats of such gravity as to prompt a ‘normal person’ to consider suicide.

Regarding the alleged teasing over the failed romantic relationship, the court deemed it insufficient to constitute abetment of suicide under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Consequently, the court granted anticipatory bail to both accused individuals.

Advocate Vineet Jain represented the accused woman, while Senior Advocate Maninder Singh, along with a team of lawyers, represented the accused man.

Additional Public Prosecutor Utkarsh represented the State, and Advocate Urvashi Sharma appeared for the complainant, the deceased’s father.

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