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Communal Clashes Erupt in Odisha’s Balasore: Section 144, Curfew Imposed, Internet Suspended

Balasore, a coastal town in Odisha, has been engulfed in communal clashes that erupted on Monday in the Patrapada area

The violence reportedly started after locals claimed to have seen drains running with what they alleged to be animal blood, sparking accusations of cow slaughter during Bakri Eid.

In response to the escalating tensions, authorities swiftly imposed a curfew on Tuesday morning and suspended internet services in Balasore. The clashes initially involved confrontations between two communities, leading to stone pelting that resulted in injuries to fifteen people, including five police officers. Section 144 of the CrPC was enforced by the district administration to maintain order in the region.

As the situation intensified on Monday night, members of one community reportedly launched attacks on the residences of another in areas like Golapokhari, Motiganj, and Cinema Chhak. The violence included the destruction of vehicles, properties, and attacks on homes, with law enforcement resorting to firing warning shots to disperse the crowds.

“We have imposed curfew in Balasore municipality areas and shut down internet in some communally-sensitive areas to prevent any further clashes. We are appealing people not to come out of their homes. Strict action would be taken against those responsible for the clashes,” stated Balasore SP Sagarika Nath.

Chief Minister Mohan Majhi has instructed the district collector to take all necessary measures to restore calm and ensure public safety. Leaders including Balasore MP Pratap Sarangi and Sadar MLA Manas Kumar Dutt have urged both communities to maintain peace and refrain from violence.

This incident marks a serious communal disturbance in Odisha, reminiscent of similar unrest in Bhadrak in 2017, triggered by social media posts during Ramnavami celebrations. Despite efforts to enforce peace through Section 144, the clashes escalated into widespread violence, prompting the state government to impose curfew measures to contain the situation.

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