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JSA Facilitates Landmark ₹3,600 crore ($450 million) Investment Deal Between Hero Future Energies and KKR in India’s Renewable Energy Sector

Hero Future Energies secures ₹3,600 crore ($450 million) strategic investment from KKR to accelerate renewable energy expansion, with JSA’s transaction team leading legal advisory.

The recent investment deal, through which Hero Future Energies Global Limited (HFE Global) secured approximately ₹3,600 crore ($450 million) from KKR, underscores a significant stride forward in India’s renewable energy landscape. This strategic partnership not only reflects a substantial infusion of capital but also signals a commitment to advancing clean energy solutions in the country. J. Sagar Associates (JSA) played a pivotal role in providing comprehensive legal advice and assistance to both HFE Global and Hero Future Energies Private Limited (HFE India) throughout this transformative transaction.

The investment from KKR is poised to bolster HFE’s renewable energy infrastructure and capabilities across various sectors, including solar, wind, battery storage, and green hydrogen. With the aim of expanding its footprint and penetrating new markets, HFE is well-positioned to drive innovation and contribute significantly to India’s renewable energy goals. Moreover, this collaboration leverages KKR’s extensive expertise in India and renewable energy, setting the stage for impactful growth and development in the sector.

The transaction team from JSA, led by Manvinder Singh as the Lead Partner, played a critical role in orchestrating the deal. Alongside him were Anant Mishra, Partner; Parnik Saxena, Senior Associate; and Pragya Pandey, Associate. Their collective expertise and dedication ensured that the legal aspects of the transaction were meticulously handled, from due diligence to documentation and negotiation. Their strategic counsel guided HFE through various complexities, paving the way for a successful partnership with KKR.

Under Manvinder Singh’s leadership, the team navigated regulatory requirements, addressed legal challenges, and negotiated terms that aligned with HFE’s strategic objectives. Anant Mishra’s insights into corporate law and Parnik Saxena’s attention to detail were instrumental in structuring the deal and mitigating risks. Pragya Pandey’s support in research and document preparation facilitated seamless execution within the stipulated timeframe.

Vishnu Sudarsan (Partner), Shashank Vikram Singh (Partner), and Siddhant Thakar (Associate) provided legal guidance on the various project aspects of the deal. Their work involved ensuring that the projects align with regulatory standards and strategic goals.

Vaibhav Choukse (Partner) and Nripi Jolly (Principal Associate) advised on competition law issues. This included ensuring that the investment complied with antitrust regulations and did not create unfair market advantages, safeguarding the transaction against legal and regulatory challenges.

Furthermore, the collaboration between HFE and KKR underscores a shared commitment to sustainability and decarbonization. As global energy demands continue to rise, HFE’s clean energy solutions will play a crucial role in meeting these challenges. The investment from KKR not only strengthens HFE’s position in the renewable energy market but also reinforces India’s transition towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Historically, KKR has been represented by AZB & Partners in significant deals, highlighting the consistent collaboration between the two firms. This transaction further solidifies JSA’s position as a trusted legal advisor in complex corporate transactions, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

In conclusion, the partnership between HFE and KKR, facilitated by JSA’s transaction team, marks a significant milestone in India’s renewable energy journey. With a robust foundation and strategic guidance, HFE is poised to accelerate its growth and contribute meaningfully to India’s renewable energy ambitions, driving sustainable development and innovation in the years to come.

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