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Israeli Forces Strikes on Tent Camps Near Rafah, Result in 25 Deaths and 50 Injuries, Reports Gaza Health Officials

Israeli forces attacked tent camps for displaced Palestinians at the north of Rafah on Friday, causing significant casualties.

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry and emergency responders, at least 25 people were killed and 50 others wounded in the assault by the Israeli forces.

Details of the Attack

Ahmed Radwan, spokesperson for Civil Defense responders in Rafah, stated that witnesses reported the shelling occurred at two separate locations within a coastal area densely populated with tents. The Health Ministry provided official figures for the casualties resulting from the strikes.

Location and Response

The sites of the attacks, identified by Civil Defense, were situated just outside an Israeli-designated safe zone. The Israeli forces confirmed they were investigating the incidents at the reported coordinates. Previous bombings by Israel have targeted areas near the “humanitarian zone” in Muwasi, a rural region on the Mediterranean coast that has seen a proliferation of sprawling tent camps in recent months.

Context of the Conflict

The strikes occurred amid ongoing Israeli forces operations in Rafah, where a significant number of Palestinians sought refuge amid the broader conflict with Hamas. Despite many fleeing Rafah, the United Nations has cautioned that no location in Gaza remains safe, with dire humanitarian conditions prevailing as families seek shelter in tents and crowded apartments lacking adequate provisions of food, water, and medical supplies.

International Reaction and Consequences

Less than a month prior, an Israeli bombing triggered a fatal fire in a displaced Palestinians’ camp in southern Gaza, drawing widespread international condemnation, even from some of Israel’s allies. Critics decry Israel’s expanding offensive in Rafah, while Israel asserts its actions target Hamas fighters and infrastructure, attempting to minimize civilian casualties, which it attributes to militants operating within civilian populations.

Humanitarian Crisis and Allegations

Amidst its protracted conflict with Hamas, Israel faces mounting international criticism for what is perceived as systematic destruction in Gaza, resulting in a significant toll on civilian lives. The United Nations’ highest court has expressed concerns over a potential risk of genocide in Gaza, a charge strongly refuted by Israel.

Casualty Figures and Background

According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, Israeli ground offensives and bombardments have claimed over 37,100 lives, with distinctions between combatants and civilians not made in the official count. The conflict escalated following Hamas’ October 7 attack, which resulted in significant casualties and abductions in southern Israel.


The situation underscores the ongoing cycle of violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with international attention focused on the impact of Israeli forces actions and the broader implications for regional stability and peace efforts.

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