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Haldiram: Delhi High Court Declares Brand and Logo as “Well-Known” Marks in Landmark Ruling

Legal Victory Reflects Haldiram’s Culinary Legacy and Global Reach

The Delhi High Court has officially recognized the brand ‘Haldiram‘ and its distinctive red oval-shaped mark as a “well-known” mark within the realms of food items, restaurants, and eateries. This recognition comes with an acknowledgment of the multinational sweets, snacks, and restaurant company’s deep ties to India’s diverse culinary heritage.

In an order issued by Justice Prathiba Singh on April 2, the court emphasized the dynamic nature of a well-known mark, asserting that it goes beyond mere geographical boundaries and imparts distinctiveness and quality assurance to products. The court noted that ‘Haldiram’ products are not only popular in Asia but also have a significant presence in many other countries.

The court’s decision to declare ‘Haldiram’ as a well-known mark throughout India, including West Bengal, underscores the cultural and commercial impact of the brand. This move aims to protect the goodwill and trust associated with the mark among consumers across regions.

The lawsuit, brought forth by Haldiram, targeted Haryana-based Haldiram Restro Private Ltd and its proprietors for allegedly using the mark ‘Haldiram Bhujiawala’ for various products. Haldiram sought to prevent the defendants from using any deceptively similar marks and was awarded damages of Rs 50 lakh along with costs of Rs 2 lakh. Additionally, the defendant entity was permanently restrained from using such marks.

Justice Singh, in her analysis, highlighted the long-standing presence of the ‘Haldiram’ mark in the food industry since the 1960s and its reputation as a well-known brand. Taking into account the evolving dynamics of global connectivity and market trends, the court recognized the need for a flexible approach to territorial rights, especially for brands like ‘Haldiram’ that have established a significant presence both domestically and internationally.

In essence, the court’s decree affirms ‘Haldiram’ and its oval-shaped mark as well-known marks in the realm of food items, restaurants, and eateries, reflecting the brand’s enduring legacy and global influence rooted in India’s culinary tradition.

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